1. Sean @ the Movies: Ruby Sparks

    After a rather crazy and wild weekend, filled with highs and lows, it’s that time to settle down and get back into work mode. I did head off to one of my local Landmark Theaters on Sunday, to go see the next movie I am going to review for you, Ruby Sparks.

    Ruby Sparks is directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, with a screenplay by Ruby Sparks herself, Zoe Kazan. The movie stars Paul Dano as a successful writer, who seems to be having some issues writing and dealing with a past relationship that really seemed to have messed him up. He dreams about a girl and suddenly gets the spark needed to write again. And as the writing begins, things get a little weird, as after finding some lady stuff around his house, a few days later, he wakes up to find Ruby is real and making him breakfast. And as most people, his first thought is that he has finally gone over the edge and is full fledged crazy, but after realizing that everyone can see her too, he’s not sure what to think. He lets his brother, played by Chris Messina, in on the secret and shows him that he can control her by whatever he writes. He brings his dream girl to life somehow and can control her to be or act whatever way he wants, but getting what you want, is not always the best thing. And what follows is a lesson about love and relationships.

    Paul is a great actor and once gives a great performance, and what can you say about Zoe, as you pretty much fall in love with her the first time you see her face on screen. She has to play a wide variety of emotions and personalities throughout this movie and does a great job. You also have to give her some credit for the story, which is very heartfelt and also makes you think about your past relationships and how they affect you, good or bad. And a wide variety of emotions is pretty much how you are going to feel while watching this movie. You have some pretty serious and emotional scenes, along with some rather funny parts to even out the mood a little.

    And I can say that I really enjoyed this movie and I actually want to see it again, and maybe go with some other people to talk about it a little. I will say that there are a few issues I have with the movie, but it seems that most of the time, there are always going to be some slight things here and there that will bug me. If you are lucky enough to have an independent theater in your area, please go out and see this, otherwise be sure and give it a watch when it comes out on DVD and Bluray. There are parts of this movie that remind me a little of a Sofia Coppola movie (good thing in my book), and of course, you can’t help to think about Stranger Than Fiction, one of the few Will Ferrell movies I enjoy.

    And I can say that this is the movie that is most likely going to drop off The Amazing Spider-man from my top ten movies of the year. We shall see what a second viewing does.

    That is going to wrap up this review, and I am not sure what is going to be next, will have to see what is coming out in the next few weeks, I know there are a few I want to see. So stay tuned for my next review, hopefully it won’t be too long, but with the Olympics going on, that might take up most of my free time.

    As always, go out and see a movie.

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