1. Sean @ the Movies: The Avengers: IMAX 3D

    For those of you that live under a rock, first off it’s time to move, and second you may not know this small movie came out this past weekend. Yeah right, the little movie that made a crap ton of money opening weekend.

    Let’s just give a little history about the prequels and how I felt going into this movie. I had seen all the prequels and I was not a huge fan of them, I think the best of the bunch was the Captain America movie. And I was never a big fan of the Avengers, back in the day when I was really into comic books. But I was sort of on the edge, when it came to this movie. It had some great things going in for me, you have Joss Whedon behind the camera, plus helping out with the writing, which was always one of the reasons we loved Buffy. And the other reason, well a little hint for you that are new to my wonderful world, the lovely Scarlett Johansson, or Scar Jo, that’s my little pet name for her.

    And when it comes to the big movies, I am the type of person that will drive about an hour away, just to make sure I see a movie in the best conditions possible, so that for Avengers, it meant a screening in glorious 3D on a real IMAX screen. And I had to try and go in without getting my expectations too high, but with all the great reviews and such, I had to make sure and see this as soon as I could.

    When it comes to the cast, it’s pretty much all the same cast of people from the previous prequel movies, with a few exceptions. We had Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner/Hulk, and Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, who works for Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson).

    And how exactly are we going to get all these characters to work together as a team, well it starts off with the return of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who is after a cube of power, and with that cube, he will make a gateway to allow an army under his control, as he vows to take over Earth. But there are a few people who are out to stop him, the Avengers.

    That is all you pretty much need to know about the story, going into the movie, with no spoilers. And let’s get to the big question, was it good?

    Well the short answer is HELL YEAH!! This was a great mix of some great action scenes, mixed in with some great dialogue and story that Joss Whedon knows how to do. And like most people will most likely tell you, is that the Hulk steals the show, he has some of the cool action moments and some of the best laughs too. I was a little worried about Scar Jo being the weakest character in the movie, but Joss loves his leading ladies, and I think that Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) seemed to be the throw away character. It’s not perfect, there are a few plot holes, that if you really sit down and think about it, you will find a few, but it’s not enough or worth it, in my opinion. This was just a fun ride and one that I am sure most of you have seen, maybe even a few times by the time this review goes up. But the real question is, but what if you haven’t seen any of the other movies, well the good thing about this movie, they don’t need to waste any time telling us any origin stories, those were already established in the prequel movies. But I think that they give you enough of a short version of it, when needed. But if you really want to go in with some research, I would say be sure and watch Thor (Loki’s story)and Captain America (more on the cube and what it can do). I am somewhat tempted to take my parents, who I am pretty sure have not seen any of the prequels, and see what they think. I think they will enjoy it, I did the same for Star Trek, and they really enjoyed that.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but make sure and stay for the credits, as you get two little bumpers, one at the beginning of the credits, and one at the very end. But if you are familiar with the Marvel movies, you know not to leave until the very end.

    In conclusion, I am going to say that you should see this movie, and please for the love of the movie gods, make sure you see this on the biggest and loudest screen you can. The 3D was decent, so I am even going to suggest shelling out the few extra dollars for that. I am so glad the summer movie season has begun, now we can sit back and see how much money this movie makes, and who will be the first movie to knock it off the #1 spot in theaters. Me personally, I think it’s going to be awhile.

    So that’s it, and I know you all have been waiting for me to post my review for it, so I will be expecting a nice thank you letter from Marvel and Joss for helping them make a billion dollars off this movie. Perhaps a brief cameo in the next movie.

    As always, until next time, go out and see a movie.

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