1. Sean @ the Movies: The Hunger Games

    A brief disclaimer about this review, I have not read any of the books or did not read a lot about this movie going into seeing it. I heard some decent reviews of it and considering how much money it made this past weekend, I figured I would give this a shot. So I went in fairly blind, so forgive me if I seem uniformed about stuff.

    For those that are living under a rock, this small movie came out this past weekend. It’s based a book series, which seems to have millions of fans and there is so much hype surrounding this movie release, let’s see how it measures up to someone who has no idea what this is about. Ok I did see a few trailers, so I am not going in, completely blind.

    The Hunger Games, is directed and screenplay co-written by Gary Ross, based on a novel by Suzanne Collins and the screenplay also co-written by Suzanne and Billy Ray.

    The story is set in the future, where after a revolution occurred, the people in the government set up the Hunger Games as a way to keep things under control. Each district (region based on class and skills), will select one boy and girl, via a lottery, to participate in the Hunger Games. They will face others in a fight to the death, where only one can survive, and it will be televised on TV for the whole world to see. You can think of it, as an extreme version of Survivor, set up sort of like The Truman Show. Our story is based around one girl, Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who along with her male district player, Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, must do what they can to survive the games. And this whole kids killing kids thing has also sparked a little controversy, considering we live in a time with school shootings and violence. But I will go into more about that in my next review. Yeah it was violent at parts, but not nearly as bad as what I was expecting.

    I do think this movie once again proves that Jennifer can do really good as a leading actress in a movie, and we can see that Winter’s Bone was no fluke.

    Now at this point, you get this general theme of the story. I knew going in that this was part of a three book series, and I can say that I was surprised at a few things during the movie, and of course there were also a few times, where I knew I was missing out on a back story or some more details about certain aspects of the story.As the story ends in the movie, I am interested in seeing how this is going to continue for 2 more movies. It also seemed rushed at times and there were a few plot points that seemed to get resolved or executed without some good reasoning at times.

    Was this a great and amazing film, No, it had it’s issues, but I am going to try and read at least the first book in the series, to see what I missed out on and see if that helps me appreciate the movie more or less.

    Should you see this movie, well if you have read the books, I am sure you have already seen it, maybe once or twice. But if you are like me and know very little about the movie, I would say it’s at least worth checking out, I enjoyed the movie overall, and like I said it was good enough that it has convinced me to give the books a shot. And I plan on seeing it again, after reading the book, so I can give it another shot. Plus the upside to reading the book after seeing the movie, I now I have a visual and audio representation of the characters and the environment, can give my imagination a little break.

    I think that is going to wrap up this review, and next up will be an older movie, with a very similar story, but with the violence turned up a bit. It’s one that has been brought up numerous times in most reviews of Hunger Games. Stay tuned for that review, which should be up in the next few days.

    Until next time, go out and see a movie, and maybe grab a bite to eat (get it, hunger games, food)

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